2004 Kawasaki ZZR®600


The most popular category of sportbike in America is the 600cc class, thanks to the light weight, nimble handling and ever-improving power-to-weight ratio of these modern machines. And for those who want all these performance attributes in a sport touring motorcycle at a great price, nothing beats the Kawasaki ZZR®600 for power, handling and comfort. The ZZR600 is powered by a compact 599cc liquid-cooled four-cylinder engine similar to the high-performance ZX-6R powerplant. Dual overhead cams actuate four extra-light valves per cylinder, and Kawasaki Straight-Shot ports combine with narrow valve systems to provide free-flowing intake for quick throttle response. Intake efficiency is further enhanced by the Kawasaki Twin Ram Air Induction system. Scoops at the front of the fairing supply cool air directly to the airbox, and at highway speeds this becomes pressurized to help pack more fuel mixture from the 36mm Keihin carburetors into the cylinders. A digital ignition system ignites the mixture as its microprocessor-controlled timing is ultra-responsive to engine speed and the system never needs adjustment. Burned gasses exit the engine through twin mufflers for smooth power throughout the rev range.