1999 Suzuki GZ250X


Introducing the 1999 GZ250...an all-new motorcycle from Suzuki. Its got an engine displacement that rewards new riders with the pure enjoyment of cruising. Its got the long, lean styling of Suzuki's larger cruisers that makes people turn their heads. And it's got a pricetag that makes everyone smile! If you're new to motorcycling, you'll find the GZ250 is the bike you've been looking for. Weighing only 302 pounds and with a seat height less than 27 inches, the GZ250 provides riders of all skill levels with exceptional maneuverability. At the same time, its extended, 57-inch wheelbase helps the GZ250 provide enough room for taller riders to stretch out. For 1999, Suzuki has set a brand new standard in entry-level motorcycles. Glistening with chrome, featuring custom touches from a buttoned-down seat to flared fenders, the all-new GZ250 is a world apart.